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Reliable Connectivity

Experience uninterrupted connections without dropped calls, slow internet, or concerns about data costs and safety. SmartTown Wi-Fi ensures fast, reliable, and secure connectivity across our entire network, wherever you go.

No more Buffering

Only Surfing


Neighborhood Roaming Power

Home Wi-Fi Connection

You'll be linked to your protected home fiber, ensuring a safe and reliable Wi-Fi connection

Secure Travel Assurance

As you depart home, trust in having a secure Wi-Fi link both on your way to and upon arrival at your destination.

Effortless SmartTown Access

You'll seamlessly connect to the SmartTown network wherever you go, ensuring your safety and the protection of your data privacy.

Profile Setup

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New Visions builds public Wi-Fi hotspots and utilizes GigaSpire systems to create the SmartTown network, allowing customers to roam freely via the passpoint protocol.

It’s the same idea. At home, your Wi-Fi comes from your network. But with SmartTown, it’s from public and New Visions hotspots. And just like home Wi-Fi, SmartTown keeps things safe, secure, and private.

SmartTown is safer than public Wi-Fi at coffee shops. It uses Passpoint for user authentication, which encrypts data to stop cyber-attacks. It’s also fortified with ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ for top-notch security and content filtering, giving a safe and private experience.

SmartTown extends your home Wi-Fi everywhere! You’ll stay connected in hotspots across town—downtown, parks, events, and your neighborhood. It’s all safe, secure, and private with SmartTown.

You’ll get 2 emails from inviting you to join SmartTown:
1. The first email helps you make a password.
2. The second email gives a link and guides you to download and install a Passpoint profile on your devices.
Once you install Passpoint, you’ll connect automatically to your SmartTown community’s hotspots!

Your data is protected and private when connected to SmartTown Wi-Fi, just like at home. Passpoint authenticates SmartTown users with industry-standard encryption to prevent cyber-attacks. SmartTown’s security features like ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ use top-notch network security and content filtering for a safe, private experience.

Your worries about privacy and security make sense. Rest assured, SmartTown Wi-Fi operates on a different connection. This keeps SmartTown completely separate from your personal/business network. Users on SmartTown can’t access or view your private data.

Your internet speed will stay the same as usual. SmartTown Wi-Fi has its own separate bandwidth, so it won’t impact your home/business internet. Our bandwidth management keeps your internet experience consistent and prioritized.

We understand your worry about misuse. To prevent this, all activities on SmartTown Wi-Fi are closely monitored and logged. Our usage policies discourage misuse, and we can trace any issues back to the responsible user.

SmartTown won’t affect your bill at all. The data SmartTown uses is separate and doesn’t add to your own usage. There are no extra charges for this service. It’s an added benefit for New Visions’ residential customers with our middle and upper tier packages.

You won’t need to handle any technical issues with SmartTown. Our dedicated support team will take care of all technical matters. If there’s ever a problem, just reach out to us.

You can relax knowing you won’t be held accountable for others’ actions on the SmartTown network.
Legal responsibility lies with the individual users and us, the service provider, not with you, the customer.

We’d love your support for this community initiative.
But if you prefer not to have your router used for SmartTown Community Wi-Fi, I can remove it from the network.
You’ll still get to enjoy SmartTown’s benefits.

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