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What is ACP?

The Affordable Connectivity Program, administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is designed to make high-speed internet more accessible to eligible households.

Monthly Discounts

Qualifying households can receive up to $30 off per month on broadband services. Those residing on Tribal lands may receive up to $75 per month.

One Discount Per Household

The program is limited to one monthly service discount and one device discount per household.

Complimentary Monthly Internet

Enjoy free high-speed internet, thanks to our participation in the program.

Am I eligible?

If anyone in a household meets one or more of these criteria, they may qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program:


Step 1

Check Eligibility
  • Click the link below to check eligibility for the ACP benefit program, whether for yourself or someone in your household.

Step 2

Apply Online
  • Access the link below to apply and conveniently submit necessary documents online or via mail. It's a fast and straightforward process!

Step 3

Call us to Order
  • Talk to one of our representatives to find the ideal internet speed for your needs. Make sure to have your ACP application ID ready.

Step 4

Enjoy Fiber Fast Internet
  • Prepare for high-speed home internet with Wi-Fi from our service. You'll receive a monthly credit on your bill throughout the program.

Need Help With the ACP?

If you need to talk to someone about your eligibility or application status, call the ACP
Support Center at (877) 384-2575.

Check out the Affordable Connectivity Program Consumer FAQ for more information about the benefit.