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Powering Central New York: Unmatched Business Internet

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Streamlined Connectivity for Your Business

Experience premium, symmetrical fiber-based connections across Central New York with New Visions.

Enjoy upload speeds that match downloads, enabling seamless video calls, remote team collaboration, and fast file sharing.

Get static IP addresses and reliable uptime with our service level agreements, ensuring uninterrupted focus on your business needs.

Effortless Managed WiFi & Network Security

No IT headaches—New Visions takes care of everything. Our Business Internet offers managed WiFi services: we install, configure, and monitor your network, ensuring seamless security and reliability.

From advanced routers to full network oversight, rely on New Visions for hassle-free networking.

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Business Internet Pricing

Our wholly-owned fiber-optic network was built from the ground up with speed and reliability in mind.

500 Mbps

A solid choice for small businesses with a few devices.

What's included


750 Mbps

For businesses looking for extra speed, or more devices connected simultaneously.

What's included


1 Gig

The best speeds New Visions has to offer. Ideal for offices with many devices and team members working concurrently.¹

What's included


¹ Speeds up to 940 Mbps down & 940 Mbps upload. Actual speeds vary due to device limits, local network and other factors. $100 one-time set-up fee, including installation. Other taxes, fees, & terms may apply. Paper-less billing required, plus credit approval and deposit may be required. This offer is for new residential customers only, is non-transferable, and has no cash or refund value.

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